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Date: T.B.C Nov-Dec 2018

Venue has previously been Yateley School. School Lane Yateley Hampshire GU46 6NW. This has yet to be confirmed.

The application process has yet to be released however, you are welcome to express your interest on our Facebook page or you can send Paul or Louise an email .

Cost is £20 per player with profits going to the Help for Heroes charity.

Do check out our previous GIAGO sessions to see what we got up to. GIAGO 1,  GIAGO 2 & GIAGO 3.

It is early days yet however, thought is being put into the date, location and music for GIAGO 4

It will take around eight months to get everything ready for the day.


GIAGO 4 Join Us

9:30 Registration/Set Up

10:00 Musical Warm up & Rehearsal

11:00 Break

11:20 Section Get-togethers

12:00 Full Rehearsal

12:45 Lunch (Bring your own!)

1:30 Sections

1:50 Full Rehearsal

2:30 Break

3:00 Concert Performance

3:30 Close

GIAGO 4 will be held sometime in 2018 around Nov-Dec and will be run by Louise Rayner and Paul Smith.

The music is currently undecided so please offer your thoughts and feedback on our Facebook page.

Timetable of the day

Pieces mentioned include;

Jurassic Park,

Mission Impossible,

Match of the Day theme,


1812 - A rather ambitious project,

Take 5,

Rhapsody in Blue - another ambitious project,

In The Mood,

Pirates of the Caribbean.

Some great ideas! Keep them coming!!

Poss Pieces for GIAGO 4