Photographs courtesy of Bright Images                  © Paul Smith 2017  



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Who came?

Over 50 people made up the orchestra including, fife, piccolo, harp and a full section of saxes as well as the more usual orchestral instruments. Abilities ranged from a few notes to post grade 8! The youngest player was 8 and a few families signed up for the event.

What did we play?

The music for this session included a Jungle Book Medley and an Abba Medley all arranged by me. We warmed up with some clapping games and played a version of London’s burning round which had a very basic accompaniment so that all could join in.

Special thanks go to John Hartfree of BrightImages who took the photos during the day. As you can see, fun was had by all.


Who helped organise it?

It took eight months to organise with special thanks to Matthew and Louise Rayner.

GIAGO - When and why?

The GIAGO event was held on the 30th June 2012 was such fun to do and was a massive success raising over £500 for the charity Help For Heroes.

Below are YouTube links of the recordings made on the day. Please bear in mind that many players had not played for years while others were on instruments they have borrowed to play for the first
time at this event and others could literally only play a few notes!


Jungle Book Medley

ABBA Medley