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This part of the page will let you know of instruments that are oversubscribed and instruments available.

The applications for GIAGO 4 is not yet open. However, you are welcome to send an email or contact us via the Facebook page for more details and to express an interest.

The line up of the GIAGO 3 orchestra had over 60 players including. 6 strings, 14 flutes covering the whole family of flutes, 2 recorders, 6 oboes, 1 Cor Anglais, 8 clarinets, a whopping 16 saxes covering the entire family, 6 brass, a bass guitar and 3 percussion.

Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions FAQ page for more information

I am very sorry for the inconvenience however, due to technical difficulties the booking form will no longer work.

Please can you send an email to GIAGO with the following details?

The applicants name.

And age (if over 18 please state over 18)

The instrument you wish to play

Your approximate standard

Your home address

Your telephone number

Any other information you think may be relevant. For example you wish to play trombone in the treble clef or you are a teacher who is booking your place on another instrument.

Paul Smith will send a reply to confirm receipt and Louise Rayner will be in touch regarding the costs and other details.

Please do like our Facebook page below for details and communications from Louise & Paul. It is also a great forum to meet and discuss  with other attendees.